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Using lessons from stand-up comedy to help you deliver EXTRAORDINARY presentations.

I don't teach you how to tell jokes.

I teach you how to confidently connect and engage with your audience.

Comedians are EXTRAORDINARY public speakers, using their exceptional skills and personalities to transform any topic into an engaging and enjoyable experience. 

Who better to show you techniques and share tips for creating a great presentation?

I will teach you the secrets of what makes comics EXTRAORDINARY.

  • Audience Engagement: Comedians are skilled at capturing and maintaining audience attention. Similar to maintaining engagement during a slide presentation or training session

  • Communication Skills: Comedians excel in the art of communication. They have an innate understanding of timing, tone, and body language, which are crucial aspects of effective public speaking and presenting.

  • Adaptability: Comedians often adapt their routines based on audience reactions, demonstrating strong improvisational skills. Adaptability is a key attribute of successful public speakers, especially when dealing with unexpected situations during a presentation.

  • Stress Management: Performing comedy in front of an audience can be inherently stressful, and comedians develop techniques to manage this stress. This could easily be compared to the same stress felt when making a presentation in front of co-workers, vendors, family or friends

Imagine now having access to a stand-up comedian to assist you or your team in your upcoming presentations or sales meetings. One who can speak to you about your specific challenges and goals, and give you feedback and confidence.

Discover what participants of Presenting Is No Joke have found after attending the workshop:

"Great speaker, great stories, and ways to improve our presenting skills"

"It was really good! It didn't feel like a lecture and the floor was always open." 

"I hope to see more like this in the future. And I hope that this will be available for a while longer. I've already told a few coworkers they should try to get into one. Public speaking is a difficult thing for many individuals for a variety of reasons, learning to speak publicly effectively is a skill that everyone should cultivate."

"Highly recommend this training to help others realize that using their hands isn't unprofessional; it's actually engaging!"

"This was STELLAR! I loved this session and am so excited about my next presentation to try out these skills."

"Will definitely recommend it to anyone looking to present and become a leader."

 "Thank you, I needed this. It was fun, engaging, and SUPER informative."

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